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Lake Charles Commercial Auto Insurance


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We will now consider part 8 of our continuing story of Hal Dingledorfer. The lessons we will consider will help you personally with your Louisiana Commercial Auto Insurance.

Lake Charles Commercial Auto Insurance — Part 8.

Hal Dingledorfer, an owner operator, was attempting to complete his delivery on time despite running through a heavy rainstorm as we considered in our last article. The rain was so intense other vehicles traveling south with Hal decided to pull over as visibility became an issue, Hal decides to press on despite the decreased visibility.

As Hal makes the sharp right turn a mile and a half past mile marker 151 he immediately slams on his brakes because of what suddenly appears through his windshield. Hal pulls over into the emergency lane as quickly as his Big Rig allows.

Hal gets out of his truck to investigate and walks forward sweeping his light to the left and right trying to figure out the extent of this massive roadblock before him.

It appears there are hundreds, if not thousands of cows blocking both sides of the highway for as far as he can see in the rainstorm. Some of the cows turn and stare at Hal curiously as his flashlight attracts their attention.

Other cows ignore Hal and meander in their search for grass to feed upon.

Hal then realizes he needs to immediately warn other drivers.  A car or even Big Rig running into a full-sized cow at 75 miles per hour would be very bad for the cow and the passengers of that car or truck.

Hal reaches into his pocket to retrieve his cell phone to call 911 and he finds only his car keys, he then remembers he left his cell phone attached to his USB port in the truck so he turns around and heads back to the truck to find both his phone and the emergency flares.

With a sense of urgency Hal decides to run toward his truck and after only a few paces he notices at what can only be accurately described as some kind of celestial phenomenon.

Fast streaks of light above and behind his truck appear to be headed toward Hal as if they were guided missiles targeting him personally.

Hal immediately freezes like a deer in a headlight, forgetting the emergency flares and his cell phone.

What happens next?  Stay tuned for next week’s episode.

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Lafayette Commercial Auto Insurance


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Lafayette Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette – Insurance Coverage Scenario Part 2

Hal Dingledorfer, the truck driver who drives freight for his limited liability company, Dingledorfer Delivery and Transport, LLC., recently switched to a new insurance provider in order to save himself some money on insurance premiums.

You may remember from part 1 that Hal also changed his coverage from Comprehensive Coverage to Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage, which is a form of coverage that only provides insurance protection for a short list of specific types of damage.

In a general sense, Hal knew, when he made the decision to switch coverage, that his new coverage did not cover as many things as his former coverage.

That being said, he did not take the time to understand exactly which kinds of damage would no longer be covered under the Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage form.

Besides, several months have gone by since the switch without so much as a fender bender, scrape, ding, scratch, dent, or crack. To be honest, Hal probably hardly remembers making the coverage switch at this point.

It is with this in mind that we join Hal one afternoon while he is making his way across the state in his big rig on a delivery for Dingledorfer Delivery and Transport, LLC.

Hal has been craning his neck all morning to look up at the sky through his windshield. The weather forecast called for heavy rains all day long. So far, though, Hal has not seen a single drop, let alone a full-blown rainstorm.

It’s not that Hal minds the rain all that much. In fact, he finds them to be rather pleasant. Unfortunately, though, torrential downpours can make visibility while driving very difficult, and anything that decreases his visibility slows him down.

Even with a fancy new set of wiper blades, Hal still isn’t certain that he will be able to maintain anywhere near the speed he typically likes to cruise at while on deliveries.

He cranes his neck yet again; still no rain, but he does notice a small, dark cloud blowing in…

What will happen next? Find out next week in part 3!

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Truck Insurance Shreveport


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Truck Insurance Shreveport – Call Now for Improved Rates!

Truck Insurance Shreveport

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Shreveport Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 16

Last time, we described how Clarence, a tow truck driver for a company named TJ’s Titanic Towing, got into an accident involving an unfortunate deer that leaped out in front of his truck without warning.

Not having time to stop, Clarence hit the critter at full speed, causing serious damage to the front end of his vehicle even before he smashed into a tree and damaged his truck even further.

Miraculously, Clarence survived the crash. He emerged from the wreckage a little dazed and covered in bruises, but otherwise unharmed. “Airbags are wonderful things,” he would later say when recalling that night.

We ended our previous article by asking whether Clarence would be alright, whether the tow truck was totaled, and, finally, whether TJ’s Titanic Towing’s commercial auto insurance policy will cover the damage to the truck in this situation.

Since we’ve already answered the first question, let’s move on to the second one.

Is the tow truck Clarence drives so badly damaged that it would be more expensive to fix it than to simply replace it?

It certainly looks that way. The front end of the vehicle is crumpled up like an accordion and bent around the trunk of the tree. It seems very unlikely that the engine and transmission are undamaged.

Clarence calls his boss, doing his best to talk over the sound of the pouring rain.

Nick, Clarence’s boss and the owner of TJ’s Titanic Towing, takes it upon himself to call the police.

Shortly afterward, Nick files a claim with the insurance company that provides his business’s commercial auto insurance policy.

In next week’s article, the insurance company will perform its assessment of the accident and we’ll find out whether or not the damage is covered by TJ’s Titanic Towing’s policy.

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Truck Insurance Baton Rouge


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Truck Insurance Baton Rouge – Big Time Savings on the Coverage You Need!

Truck Insurance Baton Rouge

Are you after big time savings on Commercial Truck Insurance in Baton Rouge or the outlying counties, towns, and neighborhoods?

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Baton Rouge Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 14

In the last entry into our ongoing coverage scenario series, a tow truck driver named Clarence braved a pelting nighttime downpour in his tow truck to reach a stranded customer.

To refresh your memory, recall that Clarence works for TJ’s Titanic Towing, a towing company owned by Nick, who is also the best friend of Rick, another towing company owner.

Previously, we learned that Clarence is a relatively new tow truck driver, and this one of his first night shifts since taking the job.

Groggy from lack of sleep and already struggling to stay safely in his lane on the near-invisible road, Clarence did not see his imminent car accident coming until it was much too late.

Animals usually hunker down during a rainstorm such as this one, but, for one reason or another, a lone deer had been spooked out of its nesting area and made a break for the other side of the road.

Unfortunately for all involved, he decided to attempt the crossing just as Clarence was approaching.

Between the wind, rain, darkness, and sleep deprivation, Clarence stood little chance of avoiding the animal.

Next week, we find out what happens to Clarence and his tow truck upon collision.

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Lake Charles Truck Insurance


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Lake Charles Louisiana Truck Insurance – Why Settle for Mediocre Coverage and Rates?

Lake Charles Truck Insurance

When you’re looking for Commercial Truck Insurance in Lake Charles Louisiana, why would you settle for mediocre coverage and unnecessarily high premium rates?

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Lake Charles Business Auto Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 3

In our previous entry, old friends Nick and Rick caught up over the phone.

Both of them had big news to tell the other: they both now own their own tow truck businesses!

After shooting the breeze for a while they eventually moved to talking about insurance.

Rick is looking for commercial auto insurance recommendations, so Nick recommended the agent who sold him his company’s business auto policies.

Rick took Nick’s advice and gave the agent a call.

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s dive back in.

The agent who answers the phone says his name is Jerry.

Rick explains how he has just started up his own towing business called Slick Rick’s Quick Towing and needs to purchase a commercial auto policy for his fleet so he can get his drivers on the road.

He also tells the agent that his best pal Nick is the one who recommended that he give Jerry’s agency a call for his insurance needs.

Jerry is happy to hear this because he has had a good relationship with Nick so far.

As the two delve into the details of Rick’s towing operation, Jerry sees that Rick’s business is very similar in size and structure to Nick’s.

Jerry tells Rick that he will run the numbers and get back to him with some quotes, but that he suspects that Rick’s best bet is going to be the same Louisiana Commercial Auto Insurance policy and provider that Nick has for his business.

The next day Jerry calls Rick back with some insurance quotes from a few different companies. Sure enough, Rick ends up deciding to purchase the same coverage plan for Slick Rick’s Quick Towing as the one Nick purchased for TJ’s Titanic Towing.

With his policy in place, Rick is ready to let his tow truck drivers loose and open for business.

To be continued in Part 4.

Lake Charles Truck Insurance – Free Quotes Just a Click Away!

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