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Lake Charles Commercial Auto Insurance


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We will now consider part 8 of our continuing story of Hal Dingledorfer. The lessons we will consider will help you personally with your Louisiana Commercial Auto Insurance.

Lake Charles Commercial Auto Insurance — Part 8.

Hal Dingledorfer, an owner operator, was attempting to complete his delivery on time despite running through a heavy rainstorm as we considered in our last article. The rain was so intense other vehicles traveling south with Hal decided to pull over as visibility became an issue, Hal decides to press on despite the decreased visibility.

As Hal makes the sharp right turn a mile and a half past mile marker 151 he immediately slams on his brakes because of what suddenly appears through his windshield. Hal pulls over into the emergency lane as quickly as his Big Rig allows.

Hal gets out of his truck to investigate and walks forward sweeping his light to the left and right trying to figure out the extent of this massive roadblock before him.

It appears there are hundreds, if not thousands of cows blocking both sides of the highway for as far as he can see in the rainstorm. Some of the cows turn and stare at Hal curiously as his flashlight attracts their attention.

Other cows ignore Hal and meander in their search for grass to feed upon.

Hal then realizes he needs to immediately warn other drivers.  A car or even Big Rig running into a full-sized cow at 75 miles per hour would be very bad for the cow and the passengers of that car or truck.

Hal reaches into his pocket to retrieve his cell phone to call 911 and he finds only his car keys, he then remembers he left his cell phone attached to his USB port in the truck so he turns around and heads back to the truck to find both his phone and the emergency flares.

With a sense of urgency Hal decides to run toward his truck and after only a few paces he notices at what can only be accurately described as some kind of celestial phenomenon.

Fast streaks of light above and behind his truck appear to be headed toward Hal as if they were guided missiles targeting him personally.

Hal immediately freezes like a deer in a headlight, forgetting the emergency flares and his cell phone.

What happens next?  Stay tuned for next week’s episode.

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