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Lafayette Commercial Auto Insurance


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Lafayette Commercial Auto Insurance – Drop Us a Line Today!

Lafayette Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette – Insurance Coverage Scenario Part 2

Hal Dingledorfer, the truck driver who drives freight for his limited liability company, Dingledorfer Delivery and Transport, LLC., recently switched to a new insurance provider in order to save himself some money on insurance premiums.

You may remember from part 1 that Hal also changed his coverage from Comprehensive Coverage to Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage, which is a form of coverage that only provides insurance protection for a short list of specific types of damage.

In a general sense, Hal knew, when he made the decision to switch coverage, that his new coverage did not cover as many things as his former coverage.

That being said, he did not take the time to understand exactly which kinds of damage would no longer be covered under the Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage form.

Besides, several months have gone by since the switch without so much as a fender bender, scrape, ding, scratch, dent, or crack. To be honest, Hal probably hardly remembers making the coverage switch at this point.

It is with this in mind that we join Hal one afternoon while he is making his way across the state in his big rig on a delivery for Dingledorfer Delivery and Transport, LLC.

Hal has been craning his neck all morning to look up at the sky through his windshield. The weather forecast called for heavy rains all day long. So far, though, Hal has not seen a single drop, let alone a full-blown rainstorm.

It’s not that Hal minds the rain all that much. In fact, he finds them to be rather pleasant. Unfortunately, though, torrential downpours can make visibility while driving very difficult, and anything that decreases his visibility slows him down.

Even with a fancy new set of wiper blades, Hal still isn’t certain that he will be able to maintain anywhere near the speed he typically likes to cruise at while on deliveries.

He cranes his neck yet again; still no rain, but he does notice a small, dark cloud blowing in…

What will happen next? Find out next week in part 3!

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