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Gas Station Insurance Lake Charles


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Gas Station Insurance Lake Charles – Call 337-824-4455 to Lower Your Rates!

Gas Station Insurance Lake Charles

Call Jeff Davis Insurance today toll-free at 337-824-4455 to find out how we may be able to lower your rates on Gas Station Insurance in Lake Charles and the surrounding areas!

Our agency is open for business every Mon through Fri from 8 AM till 4:30 PM, with a break for lunch from 12 PM to 1 PM.

We have partnered with an insurance provider who is offering exceptionally low rates on policies for Louisiana Gas Station Insurance, Louisiana Corner Store Insurance, and Louisiana Convenience Store Insurance.

Act now and you may be able to take advantage of these great low rates, if you qualify.

To find out whether your business will qualify, call us today or fill out our online quote form to request a free quote on Gas Station Insurance in Louisiana.

To launch the quote form, all you have to do is click or tap on a link below representing your location:

Lake Charles Corner Store – Coverage Scenario Part 33

Last time, Rob, the owner of Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store, called up his agent, Jenny, to file an insurance claim.

Because Rob has a Crime Insurance Policy that covered him for losses sustained as a result of robbers stealing from his register at gunpoint, he expects to be similarly recompensed for his employee Chad’s theft.

Remember, Chad stole upwards of $20,000 from Rob’s register over the course of several years while working at the cash register on weekdays.

So, the question is: will Rob’ Crime Insurance Policy cover his employee Chad’s theft?

Let’s find out.

When Rob’s agent gets back to him, she doesn’t come bearing good news.

She informs him that, unfortunately, his Crime Insurance Policy does not cover Chad’s theft.

Understandably, Rob is a little upset by this.

If the robbers’ theft was covered, why isn’t Chad’s? After all, they’re pretty much the same thing, right?

We will answer that question in our next article.

Lake Charles Gas Station Insurance – Get The Best Coverage in Town!

For the best Lake Charles Gas Station Insurance coverage in town there is no better agency to call than Jeff Davis Insurance.

As an independent insurance agency operating in the state of Louisiana, Jeff Davis Insurance is able to browse the insurance marketplace on our clients’ behalf.

Because we are not beholden to any one insurance provider the way a captive agency is, we have the luxury of being able to offer whichever policy provides the best combination of pricing and coverage for your business’ unique needs.

For a free estimate on Lake Charles La Gas Station Insurance, contact us today at 337-824-4455 and speak with an agent over the phone.

You can also request a free estimate by filling out our online form, which can be accessed by clicking on your location from the list below.

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Convenience Store Insurance Louisiana


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Convenience Store Insurance Louisiana – New Low Rates Now Available!

Convenience Store Insurance Louisiana

Super low rates are now available for Convenience Store Insurance in Louisiana!

To take advantage of these new rates, call an agent of Jeff Davis Insurance today at 337-824-4455 weekdays before 4:30 PM CST (with a break for lunch between 12:00 and 1:00 PM) for free quotes and information.

We also offer free electronic quotes in the following Louisiana locales: 

Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Recap

In Part 1, Pete Ross had just finished a long, hard day of work at his restaurant and was in need of some refreshment.

While on his way to drop off the restaurant’s cash deposit from the day’s business, he decided to stop at Stop n’ Rob’s gas station corner store to buy a drink.

Before entering the store, Pete tossed the cash deposit into his backpack for safekeeping while in the store.

As he approached the entrance, he noticed a couple of large gentlemen standing in the parking lot. They were putting on ski masks.

Wondering to himself where they planned to ski in Louisiana, Pete entered the building.

Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Insurance Scenario Part 2

Pete walks in through the doorway and ambles toward the adult beverage section. He only intended to buy a drink, but some colorful packaging on a bag of Super Sour Candy Pops catches his eye and distracts him.

While trying to choose between the Blueberry Blast flavored Candy Pops and the Strawberry Explosion flavored Candy Pops, the skiing enthusiasts enter through the front door of the establishment.

“Everybody on the ground!” one of them yells.

Pete whips around in surprise and sees that both men have brandished handguns. Pete lets go of the Candy Pops and drops to the floor.

The big guy on the right runs over to the cashier and demands that she empty the cash register. While she struggles to do as he says under duress, the other thug runs up to Pete.

“You, gimme your wallet and phone right now!”

Pete fishes his wallet and cell phone out of his jeans pockets and tosses them at the robber’s feet.

The robber scoops them up and starts to back away, when he notices something.

“Hey, what’s in the backpack?”

Pete tries to think fast.

“Um… not money…” he squeaks out.

The robber forcibly unzips the backpack and pulls out the $5,000 cash deposit.

When the thief realizes what he’s holding, his eyes widen.

“Yo Frankie, I think we hit the jackpot! Hurry up and let’s get outta’ here!”

What will happen next? Find out in Part 3.

Convenience Store Insurance Louisiana – Call Now for Better Rates!

We’re confident we can provide you with better rates on your Louisiana Convenience Store Insurance.

To find out just how much we can help you save, call us today at 337-824-4455 or click the appropriate link below to access our online quote request form:

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