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Louisiana Garage Keepers Insurance


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Louisiana Garage Keepers Insurance — New Program from A+ Rated Company.

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Louisiana Garage Keepers Insurance — Pick the Right Coverage or You May Lose a Customer!

In our last article we talked about the 3 different options for Louisiana Garage Keepers Insurance, and they include:

  • Legal Liability
  • Direct Excess
  • Direct Primary

In this article we will consider a fictitious claim scenario that directly involves Garage Keepers Insurance, and we will discuss the exact differences between the three coverage options.

Bill Benson owns Benson Trusty Repair Shop, a full service auto repair shop.  A long time customer named Sam Jones, who owns an HVAC company, brings his personal Honda Pilot in to replace the timing belt and water pump.

Bill’s mechanic Steve Cook finishes the job and takes the vehicle out for a test drive.

As Steve is test driving the vehicle he is involved in an accident. The other driver is at fault… but he doesn’t have insurance

Unfortunately Sam’s Honda Pilot is totaled but Steve walks away without a scratch.  The police show up and a citation is issued to the other driver with a court appearance due to his lack of insurance.

Bill makes the uncomfortable call two hours later to his customer Sam Jones to advise him that his Honda pilot has been totaled and he explains what happened.

Sam asks Bill, “You are going to turn this into your insurance company right?”

“Of course. Let me call my agent right away.”

“You do that Bill. I’m not too happy about my SUV getting totaled by some yahoo without insurance and I’m sure I don’t have to remind you I’ve been a customer for many years with your shop.”

After Bill hangs the phone up with his customer Sam, Bill isn’t 100% sure whether his policy covers this or not since he never had a situation like this come up before. He immediately calls his agent to find out.

Will this claim be covered by Bill’s Louisiana Garage Keepers Insurance Policy?

We will learn the answer in our next article.

Garage Keepers Insurance Louisiana – Call Us First!

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