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Restaurant Insurance Baton Rouge


Restaurant Insurance Baton Rouge – Free Quotes for Louisiana Businesses 

Restaurant Insurance Baton RougeIf you are in need of Restaurant Insurance in Baton Rouge then stick around.

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Baton Rouge Restaurant Insurance – Story Recap

In previous installments of our series on restaurant insurance, Pete Ross, owner of Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, learned that his restaurant insurance policy was being dropped due to his inordinately high frequency of insurance claims. 

Tracy, Pete’s reliable insurance agent, did her best to find new restaurant insurance options for her client. There is only one company left willing to insure Pete’s business despite its claims history, but their offer is significantly more expensive than what Pete had been paying up to that point. 

Pete then informs Tracy that he intends to buy the building he had been leasing for his restaurant and wonders whether owning the property will afford him a discount on his insurance. 

Tracy says she’ll get back to him soon. 

Business Insurance Baton Rouge – Coverage Scenario Part 13

After putting together the adjusted quotes, Tracy calls Pete back two days later. 

“Hi, Pete.” 

“Hi, Tracy,” answers Pete. “Do you have any news for me?” 

“I do. I had someone do a replacement cost assessment on the building you intend to buy, to determine the total amount of money it would cost to completely replace the building were it to be destroyed, let’s say because of a tornado or a fire,” explains Tracy. 

“Your insurance rate will be based, in part, on the property’s replacement cost, and her estimate puts the replacement cost at about $1 million.” 

“$1 million? But I only paid $150,000 for it!” Pete exclaims.

“Yes, you got it for a great price, but there is a difference between market value and replacement cost. Replacement cost is a rough estimate of what it would cost to replace your building if the whole thing burned down or something like that. It would certainly cost more than $150,000.” 

“Okay, so what will my yearly rate be?” asks Pete. 

“Last time we spoke I told you your rate with the new company was going to be $14,000 for the year, but if we add $1 million in coverage for the building you just bought, that $14,000 figure jumps to $27,000 for the year…” 

Not for the first time, Pete spews coffee in surprise. 

He spends the next twenty minutes on the phone with Tracy trying to figure out how he can get the price down. 

Will he find a way to lower his rate, and if so, will it actually save him money in the long run? 

Find out in our next article. 

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Business Insurance for Restaurants New Orleans


Business Insurance for Restaurants New Orleans – Contact Us Today For Quotes!

Business Insurance for Restaurants New OrleansFor free quotes on Restaurant Insurance in New Orleans call us today at 337-824-4455 Monday to Friday before 4:30 PM CST or access our simple online quote form by clicking a below location near you:

Restaurant Insurance New Orleans – Story Recap 

In parts 1 through 8 of our current series we have witnessed Pete Ross go through a number of challenging events with his restaurant, Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium.

If you recall in part 1, Pete is the wealthy son of a highly successful couple now retired. His parents encouraged him to get out on his own so Pete asked them for a loan to start up a new restaurant. They agreed to help their son get started.

Pete used the loan to open his business and purchase Restaurant Insurance, and since that day he has put his business insurance to the test.

To recap, Pete lost a few thousand dollars of food stock due to power loss, he was sued by a customer after that customer took a hard fall from slipping on spilled vegetable oil, one of Pete’s cooks burned himself badly in a kitchen accident, and now Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium just endured a grease fire.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s find out what Pete’s agent Tracy has to say about the grease fire…

New Orleans Business Insurance for Restaurants – Coverage Scenario Part 9

Tracy receives Pete’s message and gets back to him first thing Monday morning. She informs him that the damage done by the fire should be covered under two elements of Pete’s insurance.

First, any damage to the structure of the building – walls, beams, ceilings, etc. – would be covered under Building Property Coverage.

Second, any damage to items that are not part of the structure of the building – tables, chairs, ovens, kitchen equipment, computers, etc. – would be covered under Business Personal Property coverage, sometimes abbreviated to BPP.

Tracy helps Pete get the claim turned in. A claims adjustor named Ron Jordan is assigned to the claim, and will soon come out to inspect the damage. 

“Thanks again, Tracy. I’ll talk to you next week,” Pete states with a nervous laugh.

“Well hopefully not, Pete. Insurance companies really don’t like it when you have too many claims, and you have had more than your fair share!” Tracy laughingly responds.

“I’ve certainly had my share of bad luck,” Pete agrees.

“Try not to let it ruin your week, Pete. Your insurance company will get you the money you need to get you back up and running again. Call me if you have any questions or, heaven forbid, another claim!”

“I don’t think I can take another claim, Tracy. I have enough drama in my life” Pete laments.

“I hear you, my friend. Just don’t let it get you down. Take care, okay?”

As Tracy says goodbye to Pete she thinks about what a nice guy he is.

It seems like his business is doing well. I just hope his insurance company doesn’t decide to cancel his policy after all those claims!

Stay tuned for next week’s episode to learn what happens next.

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