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Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette Louisiana — Part 14 of the Hal Dingledorfer Story.

In part 13 we found Hal walking north on the highway looking for help. His new truck was completely destroyed. Hal’s clothing is shredded, he is bleeding and he looks like a refuge who just walked out of a war zone.

In reality that is more or less just what happened to Hal.  A fellow trucker, Big Ben Jonson, stopped his rig because of Hal’s burning truck, got out to see if anyone was in the burned-up truck and quickly sees Hal moving toward him and shouts out “Hey buddy you ok?” 

Hal starts to walk toward Big Ben and because of his injuries he stumbles and falls to the ground passing out.

Big Ben and a few other motorists call 911 and soon after Hal is transported to a local medical facility.

The highway patrol and fire departments close down the highway in both directions.  Hal is treated and released the next day. He suffered a mild concussion, numerous scrapes and contusions but is more or less okay.

Hal learns the next day why there were more than 1000 cattle congregating around both sides of the highway, the subsequent damage the cattle caused after they headed into the farmer’s field, plus why his truck exploded.

Hal is not sure how he is going to explain this to his insurance company.  His $100,000 truck is destroyed along with his load of office supplies he was hauling to Staples and he has no idea if his insurance covers meteorite damage or not.

In our next post we will consider the answer to that question.

Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette Louisiana — It’s Complicated.

Insurance is very complicated and for this reason we like to use stories and accounts to post situations, in some cases outlandish situations in which to teach object lessons.

The account about Hal Dingledorfer that we have written over the last 14 articles as you might imagine is completely fictitious. However, there is a very real story to be learned that we will consider in next week’s lesson so we hope you tune in!

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