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Steps to Avoid Overpaying on Car Insurance in Moss Bluff Louisiana!

In our previous articles we have discussed 2 steps to avoid overcharges on car insurance.

The first step was making sure you know what the insurance will cost you before buying your car. (Click here to read this advice)

The second step was to avoid turning into your company certain types of insurance claims (Read this article here)

The next step might be a little more challenging because it may be harder to undue at least in the short term.

Were you aware insurance companies will use your personal credit to determine what you pay for automobile insurance in Moss Bluff Louisiana?

This Is Why Insurance Companies Use Credit to Set Your Insurance Rates.

Insurance companies use a number of different factors to set rates for car insurance in Louisiana including claims and accidents plus your personal credit score.
You might wonder why your personal credit is an underwriting factor that determines what you pay for insurance.

Insurance companies have accumulated statistical data over a number of years that show a direct correlation between claims frequency and credit scores. What they discovered is that individuals with better credit turn fewer claims into their insurance company compared to those with lower credit scores.

So for this reason insurance companies use your personal credit as a rating factor to determine what you will pay.

How Will Bad Credit Affect Your Insurance in Moss Bluff Louisiana?

It depends on the company and it depends on whether or not you have any claims activity or tickets on your driving record.

Let’s assume your FICO credit score is 500 in comparison to a person with a 750 credit score.

What would be the difference in rates if everything else was equal?

One insurance company may only charge 20% more for a person with a 500 FICO credit score compared to someone with a 750 score.

However, another company may raise your rates by 200% or more!

Because there can be such a huge difference in price between companies it’s best to work with an independent insurance agency in Moss Bluff compared to an agent who only represents one company.

If you’ve had a few bumps in the road with your personal credit we can help you find better prices for car insurance in Moss Bluff Louisiana.

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